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Testimonials Page
Links have been provided to the pages of all the clients listed below
as well as their email addresses and comments quoted from
their messages to Pixelator.


    R.E.M. Webpage Designs 
    Email: R.E.Marks

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!!   Beautiful job - no changes needed!
    Thank you very much - - if I need anything else, I know who to use!

    Tucker's Compendium of Random Articles & Puffery
    Email: Peter Tucker

    Great job on the Billiken! And the Clinton animation is just what I wanted.

    The Green Web
    Email: S. Steve Smith

    Your animated GIF is working just fine and looks great! You took everything I wrote you into account and did a great job. I'm more than satisfied with the result. If you'd like to. . . refer people to one of your satisfied customers, please feel free to steer them my way. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job. It really adds a lot to the home page and looks quite professional.

    Bureau of Special Services, Inc.
    Email: Ray Fitzgerald

    I got your GIF file of my logo. It looks great! I am sending you [a request for] additional work. . .

    Email: Chris Maciulewicz

    You did a wonderful job on the SSAnimation Logo. You are the best graphic artist I know of. I really appreciate all the work you have done!

    Smooth Operator
    Email: Lynn Smith

    The animation came out great!!! I'm going to put a link to your site on my page. Thanks!

    The McAlpine's Home
    Email: Ada McAlpine

    I really love my animated mouse. It's so cute! Thank you.

    The RFP Machine
    Email: Brooke Savage

    The banner looks great! Nice 3-D effect. The animated Gif looks like great, fun too.

    Email: Melanie Ferguson

    I received all your files and everything was perfect.
    The plane looks beautiful. . .Thanks very much for the great job!!

    Psychic World Network
    Email: Charles Cox

    We love the banner!!! FYI- Our click through rate on link exchange has climb from less than 1% to about 5 %. Thank you. . .

    RusSte, Inc.
    Email: Peggy Russell

    Definitely the right direction! . . . I'd like to also go ahead with the Web animation. Great Job.

    Advanced Detection Systems, Inc.
    Email: Steve Divine

    Absolutely terrific job!!!! We will be ordering more graphics from you. I love your work.

    Micro Dermagraphics for the Greater Chicagoland Area
    Email: Karen Kotleba, RN

    I love my new website. I can't believe you did all that for such a low price!

    Net Law Tools
    Email: Jerry Lawson

    Looks good. I am looking forward to working with you in the future. I liked your work on the prize icon. Thanks.
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